Conference & Expo Schedule CIS West 2017

September 6th, 2017
7:30 am
To avoid lines and reduce wait time, please purchase tickets online.

9:00 am
Opening Remarks
The organizers Josef Holm and Alon Goren welcome you to Crowd Invest Summit West 2017.

9:05 am
Kickoff Speech: The State of Online Investing.
Speaker: James Altucher

9:25 am
Paragon Coin ICO Introduction
Speaker: Jessica VerSteeg

9:30 am
Keynote #1: Brock Pierce
Brock Pierce is the mastermind of ICOs and founder of Blockchain capital.

10:00 am
ICO (Initial Coin Offering ) Making the Decision
Understand whether this financing path fits your business model.
 Stan Miroshnik
Panelists: Reeve Collins, Crystal Rose, William Quigley, Jordan Greenhall

11:00 am
From Crowdfunding to IPO
Take your company from crowdfunded idea to IPO. Learn what steps it takes to go public under Regulation A+
Moderator: Brian Korn
Panelists: Jason Paltrowitz, Joan Dromey, Michael Colon, Steve Yakubov

12:00 pm
“Crowdfunding for Social Good” (Presentation & Panel)
Devin Thorpe, Forbes contributor and author of Crowdfunding for Social Good, will explain how crowdfunding is enabling social entrepreneurs to raise the money to change the world. A panel discussion will follow.
Moderator: Devin Thorpe
Panelists: Kathleen Minogue, Oliver ThortonJohn KatovichDan Bates

1:00 pm
Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing & PR
Marketing and PR are the cornerstones of successful equity crowdfunding campaigns. Learn from the experts in the space and ask your questions in the Q&A session.
Moderator: Josef Holm
Panelists: Roy MorejonDan Baird, Bill Huston, Jason FishmanEric Vaughn Meyers

Fireside Chat with ArborCrowd
Hear about how a commercial real estate institution sees the benefits of crowdfunding in order to offer individual investors new financial growth opportunities.
Carlos Amezcua interviews Adam Kaufman

Real Estate Crowdfunding for Investors
Learn the ins and outs of successfully investing in commercial and residential real estate crowdfunding deals.
Moderator: Amy Wan
Panelists: Clay Malcolm, Jillian Sidoti, Adam KaufmanMatt Schuberg

Jeff Hoffman
Jeff is a founding team member of Priceline, speaker, and investor and will share his expertise in investing and online investing in particular.
Jeff Hoffman interviewed by Joy Case

Legal Pitfalls in Crowdfunding
Covering the legal aspects of equity crowdfunding. The experts on this panel will also answer your questions in the Q&A session.
Moderator: Mark Roderick
Panelists: Amit Singh, Georgia Quinn, Jillian SidotiJor Law

Expo Floor Closes

Networking Party Sponsored by Paragon
Tom’s Urban, LA Live, Upstairs. (walking distance from Convention Center, Badge required)

September 7th, 2017
7:30 am
To avoid lines and reduce wait time, please purchase tickets online.

9:00 am
NextGen Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding Data & Analytics.
Lyndsi Stevens, Adam Chapnick

10:00 am
Keynote Fireside Chat with Marcus Lemonis
CNBC’s “The Profit” start Marcus Lemonis will chat with James Altucher about investment strategies, how to spot great start-ups and his thoughts on crowd investing and more.

11:00 am
How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist
This high-profile panel will discuss and share their tips and tricks they use to spot great investment opportunities.
Moderator: Kevin Winston
Panelists: TX Zhuo, Ryan Azlein, Dustin RosenRob Vickery, Rich Gupta

12:00 pm
Real Estate Crowdfunding: Challenges, Risks, and Solutions.
Moderator: Chuck Jarrell
Panelists: Michael Episcope, Rayaan Arif, Ray Urrutia

1:00 pm
Crowd Invest Summit Issuer Contest Winner Pitch Panel
The top 5 winners of the Crowd Invest Summit pitch competition get to pitch their businesses to four VCs and Angel investors and the live audience.
Moderator: Greg Monterrosa
Panelists: Sharon Amezcua, Jerry Knotts, Asher Leids, Peter Cowan

2:00 pm
Getting your Corporate House in Order Before Crowdfunding
Discussing the future of crowd investing as a capital formation and investment opportunity.
Moderator: Andrew Dix
Panelists: David GosselinCraig Denlinger, Zahid AzizMarty TateJeffrey Marks

3:00 pm
Platform and Funding Options
Learn the ins and outs of running a successful equity crowdfunding campaign from companies who have successfully done it.
Moderator: Dara Albright
Panelists: Michael Hughes, Brian Mac MahonWilliam J. Rouhana, Jr.Kendrick Nguyen, Yali Harari

4:00 pm
The Future of Crowdfunding
Discussing the future of crowd investing as a capital formation and investment opportunity.
Panelists: Enzo Villani, Adam Chapnick, Thomas Kehler, Gene Massey, Jim Borzelli

Expo Floor Closes

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