Artesian CPA

Artesian CPA is a different breed of CPA firm, leveraging advanced technology and email-free online request tools. Top-tier service with highly experienced, industry specialized professionals that provide a pain-free, streamlined audit process at unbeatable values. Our former Big-4 professionals offer trusted experience with prompt, efficient audits.

Artesian CPA is a leading firm specializing in Regulation A+ audits and other crowdfund offerings available under the new JOBS Act securities regulations. With over a dozen Regulation A+ audit clients, we stand to become the most knowledgeable and experienced firm in dealing with its unique requirements, which provides tremendous value to our clients in the SEC review process. We regularly speak on crowdfunding and Regulation A+ at major industry conferences including the recent invite-only CrowdfundingUSA Forum, panelist at RealCap Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference, panelist and workshop leader at the upcoming Regulation A+ Master Bootcamp in Las Vegas, panelist at the upcoming Crowdfunding Professional Association Annual Summit, nationally published on the topic by industry publications, and twice quoted and profiled regarding Regulation A+ offerings by Entrepreneur Magazine. Our industry knowledge, SEC reporting experience, and industry connections set us apart as the industry leader for Regulation A+ accounting, auditing, and SEC reporting matters.

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