Bill Huston

Bill Huston, founded Our Crowd Rocks a crowdfunding consulting and digital marketing company based in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the CEO, Chief Consultant, and Digital Strategist where his duties are to research the digital marketing and crowdfunding ecosystems for new technologies and best practices, and then to communicate these findings internally and externally through the company blog, eBooks, social media, email newsletter, and any other platforms available. Our Crowd Rocks focuses on building excited and engaged crowds for small business and nonprofits for crowdfunding campaigns using social media, email marketing, blogger/media outreach using an inbound marketing strategy modified for crowdfunding.

Bill has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and fundraising for nonprofits and startups. Ranked as one of the top 19 crowdfunding consultants globally by Inc. Magazine and a sought after speaker. Bill is a Board of Directors member at the Louisville based Community Living and World Sight nonprofits. Bill is also the digital marketing director for the Festival of Hope. The team we have assembled at Our Crowd Rocks, LLC Crowdfunding Consulting has over 100 years of experience and are dedicated to growing the small business, startup, nonprofit, and tech crowdfunding global ecosystems through strategic alliances.

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