Dan Baird

Dan is founder and CEO of Crack the Crowd. Prior to launching his latest venture in 2013, Dan served as Vice President of CrowdEngine, a white label crowdfunding provider, where he led the sales and marketing teams. He has participated in launching dozens of crowdfunding platforms, including the first equity platform to reach $1 billion in offerings.

Dan has worked for ConAgra’s Marketing Innovation group, leading strategic initiatives for some of the country’s largest household names. Dan’s entrepreneurial adventure began at 19, as the co-founder of LoveSac Furniture Co. He received a BA from the University of Utah and an MBA from Thunderbird in Global Branding and Entrepreneurship.

Dan serves as a strategic advisor to the Child Rescue Association, High Hopes Pets Company, and several other startups. He and his wife, Alissa, live in Salt Lake City, Utah, after (literally) traveling around the world.

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