Eric Vaughn Meyers

Eric (Vaughn) Meyers is the CEO of BOXX Corporation. With over 8 years of multi-disciplinary, multi-country education, Mr. Vaughn holds degrees over various studies ranging from engineering to business and is the founder of BOXX. He holds14 multi-country patents, awarded technology grants and is a three time emmy nominated product design specialist. Among his professional accolades additionally are Top 100 Products at #48, Top 25 Global Products at #9, Gold Product Design awards and Top Silicon Valley Business models.

Mr. Vaughn prior to BOXX has driven founding companies in business operations and strategies, branding and marketing, product design, engineering and technology for continued and profitable growth. He has conducted successful investing capital raises for BOXX, Corp. Mr. Vaughn is a well versified executive of product and corporate strategy and entrepreneur.

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