Joy Case

Joy is the CEO of Case Global Media Inc., a media company dedicated to building innovative, engaging platforms for companies to showcase their mission, vision and values and to amplify their message through strategic video marketing. CGMI is branching into Virtual Reality this year with the brand: ImaginitTV (TM).

Joy is also the Founder of ‘An Idea Nation – Global Think Tank,’ a network of social entrepreneurs solving global challenges, and author of “Crowd Power in the Age of Human Potential.” The foreword was written by Sherwood Neiss, who was instrumental in bringing the JOBS Act to former President Obama. Before crowdfunding was mainstream, she was active politically advocating for equity crowdfunding in Canada and the USA. Joy is also the creator of FunditTV serving the Crowdfunding Industry.

Prior to her focus on video marketing and social media, Joy has over 15 years of experience as an educational leader in public schools and has taught K-12. Her expertise includes Administration and management of schools, including accreditation and licensing.

Joy’s primary competencies are in marketing, public speaking, public relations, negotiations and consulting. She received a Masters of Education from the University of British Columbia (2002) and a Real Estate License from the Sauder School of Business (2005). As a real estate consultant, educator and investment advisor she has worked with clients across Canada and has had experience with Canadian and US real estate transactions in commercial and residential real estate. / / FunditTV YouTube

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