Kathleen Minogue

Kathleen Minogue is a crowdfunding educator, speaker and strategic business consultant. After running her own successful crowdfunding campaign in 2012, she founded Crowdfund Better to guide entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits, and creative artists on how to use crowdfunding strategically to help them attain their financial, marketing, and business goals. A thought leader in crowdfunding, Kathleen is particularly focused on utilizing crowdfunding to encourage entrepreneurship, economic development and job creation in local communities, especially for women and minorities.

Kathleen is a dynamic speaker who uses her skills as a former teacher and financial professional to run highly interactive workshops that address the needs of novice crowdfunders as well as experienced veterans, and has worked alongside project creators on highly successful campaigns on platforms ranging from Kickstarter and Indiegogo to niche platforms like Seed&Spark, Barnraiser and Hatchfund. Kathleen has been invited to speak at venues including General Assembly, Impact Hub, Pepperdine University, UC Riverside, City of Inglewood, the Director’s Guild of America, CAMEO, SCORE, SBA, the Global Crowdfunding Convention and Crowdfunding Deep Impact UK.

Prior to Crowdfund Better, Kathleen spent time at JPMorgan where she helped build relationships with leading technology venture capitalists and worked as a consultant for an LA-based crowdfunding start-up.

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