Oliver Thorton

When Oliver was two years old, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome shortly after his older brother was diagnosed with Autism. In 1994, the year of Oliver’s diagnosis, having any variation of Autism was perceived as a horrific condition by society and experts in the medical field. In fact, doctors told Oliver’s parents that he would never develop adequate social skills and to not expect him to succeed independently in life.

Throughout Oliver’s adolescent years, he struggled with his speech, making friends, and lacked self confidence in his intelligence and ability to succeed. One day, Oliver had a realization. Through the motivational forces of autism influencers such as Temple Grandin, Oliver transformed his mentality of what it truly meant to be an individual on the autism spectrum.

With this newly adopted mentality, Oliver dove head on into his latter years of college at California Lutheran University (CLU), where he accomplished impressive feats such as obtaining his Real Estate Salesperson License, co-founding and spearheading CLU’s professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, and won CLU’s 2016 New Venture Competition.

Since Oliver’s graduation, Oliver has devoted his waking hours to building his father’s real estate team/RE representation at Compass in Beverly Hills as well as building his start-up Coding Autism, which helps and trains autistic individuals in professional skills such as software engineering, website development, QA, etc as well as assists in finding and obtaining employment in the software and technology industries.

Oliver is confident that his entrepreneurial mindset, his gift of Asperger’s syndrome, and his drive to succeed and make the autism community more progressive will allow him to satisfy his highest endeavors with Coding Autism and his future ventures. Eventually, Oliver sees himself manifesting into one of the most influential advocates, thought leaders, and mentors of the autistic community in his generation.

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