Ray Urrutia

Ray Urrutia is founder and President – CEO of Revitalize Investment, LLC. Backed by more than 35 years of marketing and sales experience, including executive sales and marketing management, he’s developed the skills that will help you hit your stride in real estate investing.

Experience You Can Trust
In addition, Mr. Urrutia has more than 17 years of real estate experience, providing investing, mentoring, and retail brokerage services. He knows how to provide key insight into every part of the buying and selling process. Revitalize Investment knows the energy it takes, our mission is to work with clients: Sellers; who provide Bulk packages of properties and Buyers/Investors; to assist buyers in finding a solution in property acquisition; funding and leveraging their acquisition from “Cradle to Grave” AND Private Lenders providing excellent returns on their investment through Real Estate.

Areas of Strength
He is prominent in areas of private capital and locating off-market properties. However, his strongest skill set is in bringing resources together.

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