RealtyeVest is a national real estate investment platform that brings investors and sponsors together to Crowdfund real estate projects by offering investment opportunities to our large database of accredited investors. RealtyeVest prides itself on being a real estate firm first and a technology company second. With more than 30 years of industry-related experience, real estate is the company’s primary focus and technology is merely the instrument it uses to disseminate investment opportunites to its accredited investors. In short, RealtyeVest is committed to creating an environment of accountability and transparency.
The company platform allows its members to browse projects, research sponsors and explore market trends before investing in the firm’s exclusive on-trend, multifamily, assisted and affordable living investment deals.
RealtyeVest is the brainchild of CEO Dan Summers, who wanted to provide the highest level of accountability in the real estate crowdfunding industry. “Investors deserve a platform that makes fiduciary obligations a top priority,” Summers said.
Before a deal is listed on, it’s imperative that it goes through a comprehensive underwriting process, which includes reviewing everything, from a sponsor’s finances and track record to its location, references and site plans. We do not offer a property to our investors unless our team has validated the sponsor, the business plan and the underlying asset.

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